Every year, we choose a spokeskid to represent Kids Cancer Care at various events throughout the province. These incredible kids play an important role in the success of the foundation. By sharing their cancer journey, they help raise awareness about childhood cancer and the work we do. These kids are the reason we do what we do.

I'm Ryane

I may look like a normal, active 15-year-old teenager, but I am not. When I was three, I was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a type of kidney cancer. After surgery, which left me with one less kidney, I went through seven rounds of radiation and nine months of constant chemotherapy. Because I was so young, the chemotherapy interfered with my growth and development, causing serious problems — a heart condition and a learning disability. So while I’m 11 years off treatment and considered cancer-free, I still live with the side effects of cancer every single day. I will live with these conditions the rest of my life. That’s where Kids Cancer Care comes in. Kids Cancer Care helps kids like me to lead a normal life in spite of cancer. Their programs show us that cancer doesn’t always get the final word. My family has been involved with Kids Cancer Care for many years and I feel like I’ve been going to cancer camp my whole life. At our very first Family Camp, I met my camp BFF Maddie (she’s the one in the picture with me). I was four and Maddie was five and we were inseparable from the first minute we met. That weekend, our families’ rooms were right next to each other, so Maddie and I talked through a hole in the wall — all night long. We’ve been going to camp ever since. Both of our families have stayed involved with Kids Cancer Care and we feel a strong commitment to this amazing organization and community. That’s why I’m the 2019 Kids Cancer Care spokeskid and I’m volunteering through their Teen Leadership Program. Helping other kids with cancer helps me to make sense of my own cancer journey and it gives me hope for all of us. As they say, “Cancer may have started the fight, but I have finished it.” In my mind, we do this, by fighting back for all kids. Will you join our fight?