1. Join Our League of Super Heroes Monthly Giving Program Sign up to make monthly donations and help children affected by cancer. Monthly donations from your bank account or credit card are convenient and, over time, will amount to a significant gift.
  2. The Big Brave Cut, colour or Shave Your Lid For a Kid® and show support for kids who lose theirs during cancer treatment. Motivate your friends and colleagues, collect pledges and stand in solidarity with kids who need it the most. Learn more. #BaldIsBeautiful!
  3. Support a Kids Cancer Care Event Events need people! Swing a golf club, dance at a gala or ride a bike. It's all fun and it helps the kids. View our event listings.
  4. Plan Your Own Fundraiser Run 10K, hold a car wash, plan an art auction, dance for 24 hours, canoe across a lake, bake cookies or flip pancakes. There are countless ways to raise money for Kids Cancer Care and each fundraiser makes a difference.
  5. Volunteer Your Time Volunteers are at the heart of the foundation. Whether you enjoy working with children, prefer the allure of special event planning or the quiet of an office, we have a place for you.
  6. Spread the Word Our greatest resource is you — our dedicated community of supporters. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about Kids Cancer Care's work to help families touched by childhood cancer. Follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Youtube, then spread the word.