"For the first time since we were admitted, we left our room and wandered down the hall to where they host Pizza Night and we were introduced to the lovely Kids Cancer Care volunteers. The volunteers provided us with some reassuring smiles, some warm and comforting hugs and, of course, some delicious pizza. Pizza probably doesn’t seem like a very big deal to most, but for us, it was the first opportunity to interact with others on the unit. Colby hadn’t been eating much since he started undergoing everything, so to see him devour the pizza was a warm and welcome relief for everyone." - parent

“Before transplant, Sloan spent 72 days without a break in-hospital. Then it was another full year before he recovered. It was like serving jail time. We were so isolated. We lost all our sense of freedom. Camp was the only thing Sloan could do that whole year.” –  parent

"My father in law, who did not know in advance the reason of your visit, asks us if we had won a contest or something! In a way, we did, we are very fortunate that there is people who works towards helping families in this challenging journey that it’s not exactly what anyone is expecting. Thank you for all the work you do and for making a difference in our lives." - Cooking & Caring recipient

"It was hard at times knowing that we were only there because Jessica wasn't but I can't believe how healing it was. I laughed lots and cried lots. I definitely needed this weekend. The whole place is just amazing and as for the staff and volunteers, we couldn't have wished to have spent the weekend with a lovelier group of people. They are indeed a very special group of individuals who made the whole experience so beautiful." - Bereaved Family Camp attendee

"Every week, Liam and his tutor Diana meet for one-to-one tutoring sessions through Kids Cancer Care’s Education Support Program. They work on his math and reading skills. They even use his favorite Lego players to make learning fun and have friendly competitions around math problems. Diana also works with Liam’s school teacher to identify areas they can improve upon during their sessions. Thanks to Kids Cancer Care, we have seen an improvement in Liam’s school work, and we have noticed that his confidence in learning has grown." - parent

“Camp fulfills different needs for different families, but one commonality I found was that a tremendous amount of healing happens at camp.” - Dr. Catherine Laing

"With all of Sofia’s challenges, programs like PEER and the Education Support Program are outstanding resources that are helping Sofia on her long road of recovery. PEER provides customized exercise and physiotherapy sessions to patients and survivors like Sofia, helping them to increase their strength, balance and mobility. Sofia was also recently matched with a tutor through Kids Cancer Care’s Education Support Program, which will help Sofia build essential skills throughout her primary and secondary school years." - parent

“Last year, Kendal went on her first week-long sleepover camp at Camp Kindle. I was so nervous, but she came back a brand new kid. She seemed taller and older when I picked her up. She had a new independence about her. She still talks about her new friends, the camp volunteers and the fresh waffles she had every morning.” - parent

“Cancer camp, like the Island of Misfit Toys, offers a sanctuary of sorts, a place of belonging, acceptance and safety.” – parent

"At Kids Cancer Care [events], you don’t have to apologize for the way you feel, or for being emotional. Everyone just knows and it’s okay, and it’s accepted." - parent