Child Life Services

These group and one-to-one sessions with our certified child life specialist are designed to offer ideas for coping and the opportunity to share resources and discover new strategies to help kids in isolation navigate their health care journey, while connecting with each other. 

We offer child life services in person and via online platforms.

Recently launched - Siblings Support Program 

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it not only affects them but the whole family. Parents are understandably very busy attending appointments and providing extra care for the child who is ill. Sometimes, the healthy siblings become quiet and keep to themselves. Other times, they try to find connections in challenging ways. 

This program is made with siblings in mind. They will be able to learn about cancer, so the whole experience can become a bit less scary. The program also gives them a way to express their feelings and explore them with someone close to them (if they choose), as well as tools to understand what they are feeling and what to do about it.  

Group Sessions 

Child life is offering group sessions for kids ages 4 to 7 and group sessions for kids ages 8 to12. These sessions are aimed at finding opportunities for fun interaction with peers, mixed with therapeutic elements to help promote coping and wellness. Our group sessions will be offered once per month for each age group. 

One-To-One Sessions
Our child life specialist also offers one-to-one sessions with kids who struggling with medical-related fear and anxiety. The goal of these sessions is to introduce your child to medical terminology using child-friendly terms and to familiarize them with medical tools and technology through medical play. The virtual sessions are designed to give your child a sense of mastery and control over the treatment process.

To register for group-based or one-to-one Zoom session with our child life specialist, email Laura.