"The High Hopes Challenge is an incredible experience. If you are chosen as a challenger, it is an honour and privilege. I will never forget this. Thank you KCCF for including me." Angelo Cultrera

Katie Findlay

Ben, 11

Dean Smith

Paul, 17

Allison Hakomaki

Jeza, 15

Craig Dickie

Kendal, 13

James Wallace

Evan, 15

Sarah Gingrich

Grace, 13

Tom Cole

Evan, 15

Bob Young

Lily, 17

Shannon Warren

Karlee, 15

Jeff Fetterly

Jada, 17

Dania Philippetto

Lauren, 15

Angelo Cultrera

Savannah, 13



 “What an amazing and touching event.” Raj Singh

2021 Challengers and Kid Coaches 

Ashley Allars Matthew, 15
Kent Cassell Mikah, 16
Graham Daniel Isabella, 13
Billy Friley Arlo & Grace, 12
Jason Jaskela Nevaeh, 12
Dustin Linke Paxton, 15
Raj Singh Amanda, 16
Jeff White Joshua, 16
Erica Young Aman, 16


“Saturday was great, I had a fantastic time! ~ Megan Rhine-Roszler

2020 Challengers and Kid Coaches 

Greg Abtosway Luca, 12
Rick Breen  Laura, 16
Michael Brown Baylen, 14
Brett Friesen Hayden, 15
Debra Gregor Paxton, 14
Chris Ollenberger Alyzza, 16
Megan Rhine-Roszler Landyn, 13
Debra Ross Julia, 15
Curtis Sim Jack, 16
Nicole Ziemann Alainna, 15




“These kids have a challenge that they must live with daily, no matter what the economic situation is in our city. Together, we can help make a difference." ~ Kevin Taylor

2019 Challenger and Kid Coaches

Cindy Clark Zoe, 14
Cody Clayton Hailey, 14
Barry Ehlert Tegan, 18
Stephen Gillette Oskar, 12
Aimee Halfyard Jocelyn, 14
Matt Halliwell Joshua, 17
Thilo Kaufmann Ilyssa, 17
Shawn Kirwan Lily, 14
Dan Peet Mason, 11
Kevin Taylor Riki, 16
Tatiana Wagner Madeline,17




"Actually being here and experiencing it is like being brought into someone’s home. It's very heart-warming. I feel really very blessed to be here." ~ Brad Wright

2018 Challengers and Kid Coaches Bev Higham-Linehan

Bev Higham-Linehan Amanda, 13
Brad Wright Giselle, 12
Brian Shewchuk Ethan, 15
Bryan Arthur Kai, 13
David Wong Mohammed, 14
Katherine Aker-Vincent Amy, 13
Neil Allen Taiya, 12
Neil Smith Tal, 12
Ryan Erickson Lukus, 16
Sally Carefoot Jada, 13
Scott Crockatt Sloan, 11
Stephana Cherak Lauren, 14
Tony Suberlak Matthew, 12


“It’s a great opportunity to participate and give back it’s a great cause. It’s a great concept." ~ Allan Klassen


2017 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Allan Klassen Matt, 18
Alisha Bhanji Milan, 15
Curtis Sim Jack, 12
Darrell Graham Katie, 17
Deanna Nappen Cody, 12
Debra Ross Julia, 12
Ed Huculak Jaden, 17
Fabrizio Carinelli Maeve, 14
George Androulidakis Christopher, 12
Karen Wiwchar Andrea, 14
Nathan Palin Gavin, 16
Shane Bosch Cameron, 13




"I was blown away by my kid coach Shane who showed me what true courage is." ~ Tony Dilawri

"How can something be this much fun and be so good for the soul? In 2016, I had the privilege of being a High Hopes Challenger. What a blast! Not only did I get to challenge myself (good thing I’m not scared of heights!), I was blown away by my kid coach Shane who showed me what true courage is. Shane’s determination was palpable; inspiring and motivating me that day and the days since the event. If you get a chance to be a Challenger, do it. You won’t regret it." ~ Tony Dilwari

2016 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Aleem Dhanani Joshua, 13
Gillian Lawrence Sydney, 14
Jeff Gaulin Colette, 15
Jim Campbell Rafi, 14
Nathan MacBey Nolan, 17
Rhonda Bashnick Shampagne, 13
Rick Breen Laura, 12
Rod Hayes Kyle, 16
Shane Fildes Quinn, 12
Shannon Lenstra Julia, 14
Tara McCool Jorianna, 14
Tony Dilawri Shane, 15




"If you’re looking to do something very meaningful in the community... then definitely be a High Hopes Challenger." ~ Iggy Domagalski

"Being a High Hopes Challenger truly allowed me to understand the importance of the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta and Camp Kindle; and what a huge effect this great organization has on kids with cancer and their families. If you’re looking to do something very meaningful in the community, and make a real impact then definitely be a High Hopes Challenger!" ~ Iggy Domagalski

2015 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Bob Yarish Mitchell, 14
Iggy Domagalski Sean, 17
Jan Gryckiewicz Hayley, 15
Joan Shilling & Sarah Koskie Iris and Jade, 14 & 13
Joe Binfet David, 17
Joe Lougheed Madison, 16
Kim Caputo Ryane, 11
Rod McCann Justin, 13
Shannon Warren Jessie, 17
Vicki Reid Madison, 11
Wanda Palmer Ali, 16


"My time working with my kid coach and the staff at Kids Cancer Care are memories that I shall cherish for a lifetime!" ~ Bruce Robertson

"In 2014 I was asked to participate in Kids Cancer High Hope Challenge. Being a Camp Kindle volunteer the year before with my wife, we knew the importance and how highly impactful the Foundation has had on the Calgary cancer community, as well as the numerous kids and volunteers it has touched.

The High Hopes Challenge gave me an opportunity to connect with a “kid coach” who had lived with this terrible disease. Together we worked as a team, facing the many fun challenges the staff at the foundation placed upon us at Camp Kindle! The High Hope Challenge also allowed me to reach out to my numerous business associates and peers to financially support this wonderful foundation. Raising money forKids Cancer Care was the easy part, the fun part was teaming up with my kid coach to challenge ourselves to some terrifying but exhilarating situations throughout the day at Camp Kindle.

During your life you create many memories; my time working with my kid coach and the staff at Kids Cancer Care are memories that I shall cherish for a lifetime!" ~ Bruce Robertson

2014 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Joanne Alexander Sarah, 16
Fred Desjarlais Corban, 14
Richard Dunn Chris, 13
Wendy Going Inaara, 15
Carmelle Hunka Caitlyn, 13
Lorne Motley Violet, 14
Rick Breen Laura, 12
John Osler Daylin, 13
Dave Rickett Campbell, 15
Bruce Robertson Gray, 14
Tammy Truman Rachael, 16




"Hopes Challenge is not just about raising much-needed funds for those battling childhood cancer.  It is a life-altering experience, being paired with a kid  coach, confronting the challenges these precious children face and the mountains of hope they must climb each day.  My kid coach, Kayla, was a true warrior and survivor. She inspired me with her courage and zest for life, teaching me not to take anything for granted as we climbed our own mountains and struggled with the harsh reality of her beautiful Mom also fighting cancer.  I will always be grateful for the journey we shared." ~ Carol Oxtoby

2013 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Adam Legge Tierra, 15
Carol Oxtoby Kayla, 15
Chris Brown Harshini, 16
Craig Spurn Cody, 15
Dave Hooge Alison, 14
Glen Eastwood Michael, 17
Paul Huizinga Richard, 13
Travis Porter Kelly, 15
Trudy Curran Hayley, 14
Val Fortney/Christine McIver Victoria, 16




"I've been involved with Kids Cancer Care for a number of years, so when Christine asked me to do this, it seemed like a good opportunity to really see the camp and interact with the kids and just be more engaged and more involved on a personal level.” ~ Gary Nissen

2012 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Chris Ollenberger Johann, 12
Gary Nissen Gordon, 15
Jill Belland Kate, 14
Jocelyn Flanagan Chris, 12
Jordan Giustini Thomas, 13
Kevin Gregor McKenna, 17
Lance Hurtubise Tierra, 16
Licia Corbella Kylie, 14
Mike Shaikh Josie, 14
Rob Colwell Aurora, 14




"Mallory inspired me to participate and to push myself beyond my own silly adult boundaries." ~ Crispin Arthur

"It was an honour and, more than that, a privilege to be asked to be a High Hopes Challenger. I teamed up with Mallory, my Kid Coach. Mallory is the definition of inspiration: she battled this awful disease and came out the other side victorious. Now a lively, energetic and tenacious young woman, I knew we would make a formidable team. At the High Hope Challenge, Mallory inspired me to participate and to push myself beyond my own silly adult boundaries. I made it to the top of the climbing wall... because of Mallory. I completed the ropes course... because of Mallory. And I wore a goofy costume and sang a funny camp song... because of Mallory. We do these things because our Kid Coaches, each of whom have faced true adversity in their young lives, inspire us to do them. And thank goodness for that!" ~ Crispin Arthur

2011 Challengers and Kid Coaches

Al Block Laura, 10
Bill Darling Rae, 14
Crispin Arthur Mallory, 15
Damon Ockey Joel, 12
Frank Kaspar Matthew, 11
Guy Huntingford Vivian, 14
Lesley Conway Samantha, 17
Luke Simpson Matthew, 10
Paula Davies Adam, 17
Ted Stack Savannah, 12