<p>one-time gift</p>

one-time gift

Any gift, big or small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of children affected by cancer.

<p>monthly gifts</p>

monthly gifts

Join our League of Super Heroes Monthly Giving Program and make a ongoing donation of support.

<p>gift in honour</p>

gift in honour

Whether it's a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary, a gift in honour of someone's special day can bring even more meaning to life's special moments.

<p>gift in memory</p>

gift in memory

You can honour a life well lived with a gift in memory of someone who has passed away.

<p>create your legacy</p>

create your legacy

Imagine a cure for cancer, long after you’re gone. A legacy gift will make a lasting impact in the lives of children for generations to come.

<p>gift of securities</p>

gift of securities

Providing a gift of securities is a creative way to help children with cancer, while enjoying sizeable tax benefits.