International Childhood Cancer Day

3 ways YOU can take action

February 15 is International Childhood Cancer Day and Kids Cancer Care is partnering with children’s cancer organizations from around the world to take action for children affected by cancer. Here are three easy ways you can take action for the kids:


  1. RIDE SOMEWHERE MEANINGFUL in the KIDS CANCER CARE CYCLE CHALLENGE - A premier, all-inclusive, three-day cycling tour through the Alberta Foothills. Enjoy scenic routes with other cyclists by day and recover around the campfire at Camp Kindle by night. Early bird pricing until February 28. REGISTER TODAY and save.  

  2. PURCHASE A COURAGE BRACELET - Show your courage with a Courage Bracelet, designed with love by a bereaved sibling in honour of International Childhood Cancer Day. Each bracelet will be customized to your wrist size and with your child’s name or another child’s name. Bracelets are $40 each with proceeds going to Kids Cancer Care. GET YOUR BRACELET today while supplies last.

  3. LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE TREE OF LIFE - Kids Cancer Care is partnering with Childhood Cancer International and Childhood Cancer Care in the 2023 Tree of Life for International Childhood Cancer Day. We hope you’ll join us too. Visit the digital Tree of Life and create a colourful handprint with a message of hope for children affected by cancer from around the world. Leave your handprint and message HERE

Thank you for taking action for children affected by cancer. Together, we can change the course of childhood cancer. 


Every 3 minutes a child dies of cancer

Every year, more than 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. A child's survival depends on the region in which they live. Children in high-income regions such as North America have a higher rate of survival, whereas children in low- to middle-income regions have survival rates as low as 20 per cent. These children die because they lack access to prompt, effective treatment. This disparity is unacceptable. Every child deserves the right to life-saving care and treatment. Children across the globe deserve:


  1. Better access to cancer treatment and care

  2. Better access to affordable or free, quality care and medications, including those for pain

  3. Better access to social health insurance or universal health coverage

  4. Better access to pediatric palliative care

  5. Better access to treatments that are less toxic, reducing the life-long adverse effects related to the treatments of cancer

Please act now and call on governments and international development organizations to recognize the needs of children and adolescents with cancer to ensure better access to care for children everywhere.


Partners in the global fight against childhood cancer

In honour of International Childhood Cancer Day, Kids Cancer Care is joining forces with the following groups dedicated to fighting childhood cancer:

  1. Childhood Cancer Canada
  2. Childhood Cancer International (formerly ICCCPO) 
  3. International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP)
  4. Union for International Cancer Control (UICC I)
  5. International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) 

Together, we honour the courage of children and young adults affected by cancer and take a stand to change the course of this disease.