I want to learn more about the Kids Cancer Care. What kind of work does the foundation do?
In Alberta, approximately 190 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer continues to be the leading cause of non-accidental death in children ages six months through young adulthood. Since 1991, Kids Cancer Care has been passionately dedicated to helping young people and their families affected by cancer to survive and thrive in body, mind and spirit. Click here for more information about Kids Cancer Care and the programs and services we offer.
Do I need medical experience to be a volunteer?
No! Not all Kids Cancer Care volunteers are medically trained. We have a variety of positions that do not require medical experience or training.
I am not 18 yet. Can I still volunteer?
Kids Cancer Care is committed to supporting a diverse volunteer base. Although many of our programs require people 18 years and older, there are a couple of exciting ways for young people to get involved. There are positions for teens ages 14-17 at our summer day camps. Hosting a fundraiser for Kids Cancer Care is a huge support. Check out some fundraising ideas here. For more details please contact Kylie Bradbury
I don’t live in Calgary. Can I still help?
Of course! Although our foundation office is located in Calgary, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities for people across Alberta. Our camp programs take place outside the city of Calgary and many special events take place in locations outside Calgary. Where possible, we arrange transportation for out-of-Calgary volunteers working at our summer residential camps.
Can you tell me more about the screening process?

In any type of hiring position, it is important to conduct a thorough interview and screening process of a potential candidate to ensure proper fit. In order to give potential volunteers the greatest benefit, we need to ensure that all of the requirements are met. The steps in our screening process are:

  • Interview
  • Security clearance check
  • Child welfare check
  • Signing and agreeing to volunteer expectations
  • Reference checks

All of the information collected during the interview is confidential. In fact, we have you give us permission to contact the references you provide and permission for us to contact you via email. Once the process is completed, we can then offer you active volunteer status